bookmarked One Doom fan, 300 hours, and one gargantuan level - Kill Screen

listened to Run-D.M.C.’s Pause (from Back From Hell)

listened to The Beatles’s The End (from Abbey Road)

listened to The Beatles’s The End (from Abbey Road)

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listened to Hot Hot Heat’s Middle of Nowhere (from Elevator)

listened to The Avalanches’s Frontier Psychiatrist (from Since I Left You)

listened to Oingo Boingo’s Sweat (from Good for Your Soul)

listened to Thomas Dolby’s Europa And The Pirate Twins (from The Golden Age Of Wireless)

listened to Neko Case’s Deep Red Bells (from Blacklisted)

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listened to Thomas Dolby’s Windpower (from The Golden Age Of Wireless)

listened to The Raconteurs’s Level (from Broken Boy Soldiers)

listened to Madonna’s Express Yourself (from Like a Prayer)

listened to Kate Bush’s The Sensual World (from The Sensual World)

listened to Thomas Dolby’s Hyperactive! (from The Flat Earth)

listened to Oingo Boingo’s Who Do You Want to Be (from Good for Your Soul)

listened to Kaiser Chiefs’s Everyday I Love You Less and Less (from Employment)

listened to A.M.U’s Speech Machine Failure (from Diamond)

listened to Madness’s One Step Beyond (from One Step Beyond…)

listened to Oingo Boingo’s No Spill Blood (from Good for Your Soul)

listened to David Bowie’s Young Americans (from Young Americans)

listened to Beck’s Black Tambourine (from Guero)

listened to Thomas Dolby’s I Scare Myself (from The Flat Earth)

listened to The Divine Comedy’s National Express (from A Secret History - The Best Of The Divine Comedy)

listened to Dr. Octagon’s Blue Flowers (from Dr. Octagonecologyst)

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listened to Cesária Évora’s Flôr Di Nha Esperanca (from Café Atlantico)

listened to Reptar’s Houseboat Babies (from Body Faucet)

listened to Capcom Sound Team’s Dr Wily’s stage — Boss fights (from Mega Man)

listened to Toby Fox’s Uwa!! So Temperate♫ (from UNDERTALE Soundtrack)

listened to Feist’s Gatekeeper (from Let It Die)

listened to Alex Mauer’s opusopolis (from antarctica)

listened to 開発室Pixel’s Check’IN Out (from )

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listened to Eric Serra’s The Goldeneye Overture, Pt. I. Half of Everything Is Luck / Pt. II. The Other Half Is Fate / Pt. III. For England, James (from 007: Goldeneye (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack))

listened to Rare’s Roller Coaster (from Battletoads in Battlemaniacs)

listened to Rare’s Hot-Head Bop (from )

listened to Daft Punk’s Superheroes (from Discovery)